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The new, impressive Power Drop Extreme is a MASSIVE attraction game, yet it stands in a very compact footprint and is almost 14 feet tall! In Power Drop Extreme, players try to time the drop of the high energy balls so they fall through either the "Bonus," "Mystery Value," or "Ticket Win" value holes - And even if they miss a hole, the balls will bounce and careen around the game playfield before dropping in a hole, so players can WIN EVERY TIME!
And if the player gets lucky and a ball drops in the "ADD BONUS BALL" hole, the BONUS BALL count increments, and balls are reserved until the player makes a ball into the DROP BONUS BALLS hole, and then all the BONUS BALLS fall and it’s a MULTI-PLAY extravaganza ! And if a ball bounces up onto the platform into the MONSTER BONUS hole, players win a huge cumulative JACKPOT Bonus!


SpongeBob's Pineapple Arcade is a tokens-and-cards pusher where players roll tokens down the playfield into moving pineapple targets. The pineapples (which resemble SpongeBob's famous sea-pineapple domicile) drop tokens, cards and bonus tokens onto the playfield.
Collectible cards, nine in all, are also distributed around the playfield; the player attempts to knock these cards off a support tray. Players can trade cards for tickets or keep them until all nine have been collected, a feat rewarded with a super bonus.


The all-time favorite classic carnival midway game has now been transformed into a neat ticket redemption game! Down the Clown Arcade was specifically designed to allow 1 or 2 players (in twin configuration) in order to play at the same time, and encourage ‘family play”. Players toss balls at the different sized clowns for points. Hitting certain clowns adds bonus points, as the players attempt to the hit the interactive big bonus.
Down the Clown incorporates a fun and quirky “carnie” voice that heckles, engages and encourages players of all ages. As the players successfully knock down the clowns, a mechanical arm lifts the clowns back up after being hit. Down the Clown also features a beautiful, life-like carnival canopy top, handmade carnival clowns and lots of flashing LEDs


Think you're ready to test your skills? Grab a sledgehammer and let's see! With one of the most classic arcade games of all time, Whack N Win will bring your excitement to a whole new level! Whack your way into the bonus win zone by using your skill to hammer the sensor pad and attempt to win the Bonus!


In the exciting new Jurassic Park Arcade from Raw Thrills, players must rescue the cloned dinosaurs who are running amok in the Jurassic wildlife adventure park! Players will use their high-powered, force-feedback "tranquilizer guns" to subdue and help save 30 species of the menacing, cloned dinosaurs, running loose across "Isla Nublar" while attempting to restore order to Jurassic Park!
Jurassic Park Environment SD Model features a massive 55-inch HD LED widescreen display, enhanced gun system and brilliant cabinet lighting with over 1000 LED lights synchronized with in-game actions, and its extremely eye-catching and gigantic sized T-Rex Dino Marquee Topper, along with nine exciting, frantic levels of non-stop dinosaur chasing action in Jurassic Park Arcade!


Ahhhh! Kids screaming from joy with this monster! Ticket Monster is the same great game as the ever-popular Big Bass Wheel with a different look that is sure to scare up the same giant amount of fun!
Players step up and pull the handle to spin the monster’s big tongue. When the tongue stops, players are awarded tickets. Ticket Monster is now equipped with a progressive feature, so each time someone plays watch the Monster Jackpot go up! There will be big screams when players achieve the Monster Jackpot!
The sounds and graphics of Ticket Monster make this game grab attention from players all over the room. Ticket Monster also has dual ticket dispensers for more capacity and quicker ticket dispensing. Operators will be happy with how user friendly this monster’s menu is to use.


Strictly a game of skill, Fishbowl Frenzy combines both advanced technology, mechanical skill play, exceptional video graphics and adorable fish characters with a cute carnival theme, to create a terrifically entertaining game, the likes of which have never before been seen! The game challenges players to carefully time their release of a ball which bounces through a field of pins into one of the actual fishbowls below. Adorable, spinning and jumping 3D Fish animations celebrate each player's win!
Start with a fun and festive carnival theme, reminiscent of everyone’s childhood excursions to the county fair, tossing ping pong balls in the hopes of winning a live goldfish in a bowl. Players can see through the clear display and watch balls drop - The virtual "fishbowls" are directly attached to the front of the screen, and the animated fish characters participate in the game play, for a 3D effect unlike anything ever seen in the industry.


Grand Piano Keys' beautifully lit, attention-grabbing cabinet and marquee, along with the fun, simple, game play will have aspiring musicians flocking back time and again to beat their high scores!
With the option of a one-player solo or a two-player duet, the competitive nature and player-paced play of Grand Piano Keys appeals to all ages. Simply hit the oversized novelty key that matches the colored square on the 60-inch monitor to play a variety of well-known tunes, accumulating tickets as you go! The faster and more accurately you play, the more tickets you win!


Bringing the extremely successful mobile game to the arcade, Crossy Road Arcade is a two-player video redemption game. Players must navigate their way across busy roads, train tracks and over rivers to go as far as they possibly can. With each successful jump, players are awarded a ticket. Crossy Road utilizes a massive 65-inch monitor and is covered in flashing LEDs which makes it a real eye-catcher.


Players experience fast-paced fishing action fun that requires skill and timing using Pirate's Hook unique fishing reel mechanism, which allows players to experience real fishing! The fishing reel mechanism has unique rotating reel handles with multiple tension settings—players pull the handles harder as the fish they try to catch become bigger—and the bigger the fish, the higher the score!
To play Pirate's Hook, players Insert coins to start the game, then press the “Lower Hook” button to lower the fishing hook into the water. Players then rotate the handle to reel in and catch as many fish as possible within the game time limit, But if players catch "Junk" items, they get no tickets. On the other hand, if players catch the special "Lobster King," they win the Big Ticket Treasure Mega Bonus Jackpot!


The world's number-one prize vending machine is back in mega size! Players get the best of both worlds. Play eight minor prize levels for tickets and four major prize levels for attractive prizes, all in on one!

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